Monday, January 3, 2011

“We Bowlin Baby” – Week 3 Orange, Sugar, Cotton, etc.

Monday, the 3rd

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Stanford (-3.5) – Andrew Luck is a great QB, and the nation will finally get to see that in primetime tonight.  Virginia Tech is your run of the mill ACC champion.  The ACC is 2-10 in BCS bowls – meaning they are usually in way over their head when it comes to playing the big dogs.  I say the same thing plays out here although I am unsure how much the Harbaugh coaching rumors will affect the Cardinal.  Stanford 28-23.

Tuesday, the 4th

Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arkansas (+3.5) – The Hogs offense has been unstoppable and balanced since Knile Davis got the run game going.  The Buckeyes are reeling off the field after Tattoo-gate was exposed.  Terrelle Pryor continues to show that he is a selfish, disingenuous punk off the field with his various comments earlier this week.  I wonder how the Hogs defense will hold up against dual threat Pryor because they didn’t fare too well against the two they faced in Auburn and Mississippi State.  I feel Ohio State is not giving the Hogs offense the respect that it deserves.  I also get a sense that Ohio State or its fans are not really excited to be at the Sugar Bowl, especially based on the Hog/Buckeye fan ratio that will turn out tomorrow night.  It seems like it is gonna be a 2:1 Hog advantage in the stands.  I think in the end Ohio State’s offense will not be able to keep up with the Hogs in a great game; the Buckeyes are now 0-10 against the SEC in bowl games.  Arkansas 34-31.

Thursday, the 6th Bowl: Middle Tennessee (-1) vs. Miami (OH) – The Sun Belt has left little doubt that it has leap frogged the MAC in determining which conference is the worst in Division I-A.  The Sun Belt is 2-0 versus the MAC this postseason.  They’ll make it 3-0 because I don’t like the instability of Miami (OH) with their coach leaving.  MTSU 21-17.

Friday, the 7th

Cotton Bowl: LSU (-1) vs. Texas A&M – This is a freebie folks.  First I want to give A&M credit for defeating the two teams that were in the Big 12 Championship Game.  They have surprised some people (me included) this year and are well on their way to the top in the Big 12.  However, the Aggies have not played a defense close to LSU.  It will be a low scoring game, but I don’t see the Aggies doing much on offense.  Geaux Tigers 21-13.

Saturday, the 8th

BBVA Compass Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky (+3.5) – I’m probably going against everyone else on this one.  First of all, think of the drama Pitt has been through since they played their last game.  Wannstedt was fired after the last game, a new coach was hired who was subsequently fired for smacking his woman around.  And now, hot off the presses...Wannstedt, who was going to coach the bowl game, says nevermind; he doesn’t want to coach the bowl game.  Talk about drama!  Kentucky has lost their QB Hartline to suspension, but I think this is a good thing.  What this means is Randall Cobb will play more QB who is by far their best playmaker.  Give me Kentucky because of all the drama from Pitt.  Wildcats 23-17.

Sunday, the 9th

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Nevada (-7.5) vs. Boston CollegeDear Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl:  Just because you put your game the night before the national title game doesn’t mean it is important at all.  SO who cares who wins, but I’ll go Nevada 28-17.

Check back Monday for the BCS National Championship breakdown. 

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