Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 6 NFL picks by Greg Sellers

What a rough start to the blog.  I had to pick a week when a lot of crazy upsets happened but don’t worry, I’ve bounced back every week.  This means you should go heavy on my picks.  Now that I’ve jinxed this week, let’s move on to the recap.

Picks of the Week = 2-3 (week 5 ), 2-3 (blog season total).  Did I really lose to Max Hall, Jake Delhomme (that’s all I need to say) and I hate you Houston (more on that in a bit).  The rest happened like I thought.

Upset Pick = Lose, 0-1 (blog season total).  Holy crap, could I have been more wrong on that one?  I guess if you’re going to lose, lose big so you don’t get your heart ripped out (thanks Succop)

Quick Picks = 3-5 (week 5), 3-5 (blog season total).  Let’s put it this way, the Packers won and the Bears rolled, that’s all I really cared about.

One thing I wanted to talk about this week, my 3 rules that I started using this year.  These rules have been great for me so far but when I go against them, I always get nailed.

Rule #1 - Don’t bet with your heart (or with beer in your system) you always get burned.  This is why I avoid betting on the Bears or the Vols unless there is just some crazy reason (in my head) I feel that it will work in my favor

Rule #2 – Don’t just bet because there is a game going on, what I like to call an action bet because you’re bored.  That has always killed me and I did it the first week of the season and hasn’t ever since.  What I mean by that is betting the Thursday and Friday college game along with the Sunday and Monday NFL game just because you want something to root for, don’t do it.  If you didn’t like it in the first place, why would you like it now?

Rule #3 – This is the one rule I have broke the most and can’t figure out why.  It’s called the personal team kryptonite.  That means, no matter if I bet for or against that certain team, I lose no matter what.  In college it VaTech and Pitt, they kill me.  I now have two for NFL, if you ever see me bet in my main picks portion, put up your mortgage the other way.  Those two teams are Houston and Atlanta, they are dead to me.

On to week 6, it’s time to MIR (make it rain)!!!  You know these picks are MITB, isn’t that right Scott and Ernie?

Picks of the Week (in no particular order)

1. Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears (-6) – Okay, fine, stop your laughing.  I know you’re saying but Greg that is your number #1 rule, how can that be your pick?  That’s a great question and here’s why.  Seattle is terrible on the road, 0-2 and both were by 17 points.  The Bears D is awesome right now and I think Bears win big, don’t worry, Cutler is back.
2. NY Jets (-3.5) @ Denver Broncos – I love Kyle Orton but you can’t be one dimensional against this Jets defense.  They are clicking on all cylinders right now and I don’t see it stopping here.  I know Denver plays tough at home but I think the Jets just man handle a team that has no running game.
3. Oakland Raiders (+7) @ San Francisco 49ers – I don’t understand this line at all.  Can people just stop thinking that San Fran is any good?  Maybe everyone just over valued them.  On top of it, they are in the worst division in football, how are they 0-5.  I know, it’s because they suck.  This just seems like an easy pick to me.
4. Indianapolis Colts (-3) @ Washington Redskins – I have made a killing on picking Peyton Manning on Sunday or Monday night games with low spreads, especially now that they have their backs to the wall with two straight loses.  Redskins struggle to score and won’t be able to keep up, I love this pick.
Upset No Longer Lock of the Week

Kansas City Chiefs over Houston – Fact #1, I’m 3-0 picking them as an upset this year.  Fact #2, Houston can kiss my ass.  Is that good enough for you?

Quick Blurbs for the Rest of the Games

1. San Diego Chargers (-9) @ St. Louis Rams – I want to thank the Rams for at least trying to win the division.  I enjoyed the ride.  They are banged up and SD has to win this one.
2. Baltimore Ravens @ New England (-2.5) – I have no idea on this one.  I feel Baltimore is better but Belichick is 7-0 after a bye week, I think they will be ready.
3. New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4) – I can’t believe I’m leaning this way.  Is this your typical SB hangover, is Josh Freeman at least decent.  I guess I’m picking this because it’s a divisional game with the home team getting points.
4. Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles (-2) – I don’t trust either one of these teams, I think Falcons are overrated but the Eagles are so up and down.
5. Detroit Lions (+10.5) @ NY Giants – If I’m not mistaken, the Lions have covered every spread.  You never go away from what works, so I won’t.
6. Miami Dolphins (+3.5) @ Green Bay Packers – Why, because I hate the Packers and they are overrated, that’s why.
7. Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-14) – Good luck Colt McCoy, I hope you don’t die in your first start.  Oh wait, I really don’t care, have fun getting pummeled.  The reason why this isn’t one of my main picks, I hate taking a divisional game with this many points, you’d be surprised how close these games can get even though it’s all pointing towards a blowout.
8. Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings – No line on this game because of not know if Brett Favre will play, oh wait, he’s Brett Favre, he’ll play.  I would take the Vikings if he starts but nothing more than 4 points.
9. Tennessee Titans (-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars – This game is close to making my picks of the week (it probably will, because I love action).  I just think Tennessee will control this game in the trenches, it won’t look pretty, but they’ll pull it out.

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