Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7 Picks by Greg Sellers

That’s the bounce back week I was looking for.  Keep one thing in mind, I moved the Tennessee game as one of my picks of the week (realize, my picks of the week affect my pocket book).  On to the recap.
Picks of the Week = 2-2-1 (week 6 ), 4-5-1 (blog season total).  Not too bad but a strange set of way to get there.  First, I don’t want to talk about the Bears.  Second,  the Jets shouldn’t have covered, the Titans hammered the terrible Jags, Oakland should have covered but didn’t and the Colts should have worked it.
Upset Pick = Lose, 0-2 (blog season total).  Thanks to the officials, they handed a pass interference that wasn’t even close.  That cost the Chiefs the game.  But, the Chiefs were in control all game and couldn’t pull it out.
Quick Picks = 6-2 (week 6), 9-7 (blog season total).  I wish I could be putting money on these picks last week, that’s how things go.
I have nothing special to talk about NFL for this week so I’m going to dedicate it to our softball team.  In the start of our double elimination tourney, we put down the second team in our league.  On top of that, they are the biggest aholes I have ever played against.  It was nice to shut their punkasses up and put ourselves closer to the championship.  I’m ready for us to make it rain!!!
On with the picks.  By the way, the weirdest week I’ve ever seen.  There are so many 3 point games.  It’s so tough to figure out who is so good and bad right now.
Picks of the Week (in no particular order)
1.       Cincinnati Bengals @ Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) – If Atlanta is legit, they should easy put down the Bengals.  Also, Matt Ryan is money at home but shaky on the road.  As for Carson Palmers, he is terrible on the road and terrible at home.  That means Carson Palmer is terrible.
2.       Cleveland Browns (+13.5) @ New Orleans Saints – This is your typical over reaction game.  Just because New Orleans rolled the overrated Bucs.  My rule is, take a hot team but I need to see it more than just one game.  Even though Colt McCoy doesn’t excite me, he did a good job hanging with arguably the best team in the league.  I see them holding it close.
3.       New England Patriots (+3) @ San Diego Chargers – So you’re telling me that these two teams are even, are you kidding me???  Antonio Gates is out and they are starting their third or fourth string running back.  Patriots don’t have let downs after good games, I think Bill will have their team ready for another big win, on the road no less.
4.       Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Green Bay Fudge – Brett Favre, hate him, love him, it doesn’t matter.  He is so about himself that this game matters a ton to him.  He just wants to always stick it to his former team no matter what he says.  Now they have Moss ready for a full week and Green Bay are so banged up.
Upset of the Week (double dose)
See Minnesota and Patriots – Not only do I think these two teams cover but they will both win straight up.  I’ll guarantee this; I’ll be back to even after this week for my upset picks
Quick Blurbs for the Rest of the Games
1.      Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins (under 41) – This pick is a shout out to my buddy Scott.  I couldn’t figure out what spread to pick but this will be low scoring, take the under.
2.      Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Line is still not up because of the uncertainty of the QB on Jags.  I’ve seen lines of -9 of chiefs, which scares me but I’m still rolling with them.
3.      Tennessee Titans (+3) @ Philadelphia Eagles – I wouldn’t touch this game with a ten foot poll.  This is a gut pick.  The Eagles are up for a let down somewhere in the season and I’m guessing this is it.
4.      Washington Redskins @ Chicago Bears (-3) – I don’t want to talk about this game, let’s just move on.
5.      Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens (-13.5) – This will be your classic, we shouldn’t have lost our last game due to being conservative, we will take it out on a terrible team.
6.      San Francisco 49ers (-3) @ Carolina Panthers – I’m going against my better judgment and giving the 9ers the benefit of the doubt, they can’t lose this game and only win by less than 3.
7.      St. Louis Rams (+3) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I’m a complete Rams homer now.  I just have so many odd bets ridding on them.  If they can’t win this game, they won’t make my other bets come true.  Let’s go Sammy Sweetheart.
8.      Arizona Cardinals (+7) @ Seattle Seahawks – I understand that the Seahawks are great on the road but I can’t see giving any NFC West team 7 points no matter who they play.  That division is terrible.
9.      Oakland Raiders (+8) @ Denver Broncos – Again, this division is terrible.  I will always take this many points on terrible teams playing terrible teams.
10.  NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) – You know my take on the Cowboys, overrated but this is one of those no one believes in us and we will crush them.  I hate this pick the most but sometimes you just use your heart.

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