Saturday, December 4, 2010

And They Muffed It - Championship Week Style by Joseph Michael

I never thought I'd say this because I'm a purist when it comes to College Football and I love watching every bowl, even the Dish Network Bowl played in the Direct TV Dome, but it's time to make a change. I don't know if the answer is as simple as a plus one game or a full blown playoff, but something has to give. Today is a sad day for a lot of College Football fans like myself. I've grown up watching College Football and developed an unhealthy love for it and the Razorbacks. I love it almost as much as LeBron James loves himself. But to my point, today is Championship Saturday and I should be waking up giddy and excited about what's going to happen, but instead I feel like I'm watching a regular season Major League Baseball game, NOTHING... It's not the fact that I have to hope that Auburn beats South Carolina so my beloved Razorbacks can have a chance to go to the Sugar Bowl because with this system that's no guarantee, the BCS could decide they wanted to take LSU to sell more tickets which would make perfect business sense, but no competitive sense whatsoever. I have defended the BCS for many years, and for that I am sorry, I see the error of my ways because the BCS changes everything. It changes holding calls when an undefeated big named team is about to go down in the middle of the season, it gives the Big East an Automatic Qualifier, it even seems to put some of the worst matchups ever against one another in the most prestigious Bowls, it seems to do everything except put the best two teams in the country against each other. College Football is big business, and I understand and hate it, yet it is what it is...
Now a lot of people are going to read this first paragraph and say this guy is an idiot and I would say that you are without a doubt correct about that. I have plenty of stories to tell you that would confirm that, but you're saying it now because you are thinking "if Auburn beats South Carolina and Oregon wins the Civil War today then the best 2 teams will be playing in the National Title Game." And maybe that would be true, but Auburn has at least one player, the best player in College Football that shouldn't be allowed to play and they are a 6-6 team without him. Let me say this, I hate to harp on the Cam Newton story and what are as of now strictly allegations, but come on, if where there is smoke there is fire, this guy is going to spontaneously combust at any moment. Maybe he didn't know his father was getting 200,000 dollars for him to go to Auburn, that doesn't change anything. He's still ineligible.
I said all of that to say this, if you really think Auburn has done nothing wrong and you aren't a die hard Auburn Fan, then I think you are being very naive and basically stupid, but I digress; this is my point- what the NCAA has done is choose the lesser of two evils. What do they do, 1) Take all the evidence they and more importantly the FBI have found, which I'm guessing is more than we know and suspend Cameron, which would force Auburn to forfeit all of their victories and drop them out of the National Title hunt and force a BCS National Disaster game between Oregon and TCU, or if Oregon slips up; TCU and Wisconsin/Stanford. (As a disclaimer, I'm not saying Wisconsin or Stanford aren't deserving of it, I'm just telling you the ratings for a TCU vs. anyone National Title game would be lower than a Roseanne Barr peep show... Or do they 2) take what they know, suspend Cam, let it play out with TCU going to the title game and lose all that money??? I guess we know how they went with that decision. The one where they get all the money and deal with Reggie Bush II a few years down the road. Take Auburn's National Title and Cam's Heisman, and punish a bunch of 18 to 20 year olds that wanted to go to Auburn honestly. You know the story we just watched unfold earlier this year with USC. Of course some of you are going to say, well, maybe Wisconsin would jump TCU and Oregon and Wisconsin would play in the BCS game, that would be a fun game. But they aren't willing to leave that to chance. And it breaks my heart that my nephew who is fixing to be 3 years old is going to start watching football with me every Saturday and Sunday in a couple of years, what am I going to say when he asks me "what's the Heisman Trophy?" Seriously, what am I going to say, "well Ryder, it goes to the highest paid player in College Football that year."
I hope in spite of my rant and genuine disgust with the state of College Football that everyone has a great weekend, wins all their bets, and we have some exciting games. I would like to apologize to everyone including Tom Hanks, Penny Marshall, and A.D.F that in my movie reference of "BIG" last week I called "Zoltar", Voltar. It was an accident and I blame Ernie for not checking my references. I hope everyone forgives me for the oversight, especially the last person. One last thing, I would like to say thanks to all of our friends who read this. I know Ernie said it too, but it has been a lot of fun... Happy Saturday and as our friend Ben the Better would say "its no big deal if you lose the first bet of the day, you've just got to double up to catch up."

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