Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week Fourteen – Championship Week

It’s all decided here!  Oregon and Auburn are on a collision course to play in the highest scoring national title game in history.  TCU is hoping one of them can slip up.  The Big East race will be decided this weekend as well as the Big 12, ACC and CUSA championships.  Let’s dive in…  

SEC Games – 4-4 straight up last week; 78-18 for the season. 

#1 Auburn vs. #19 South Carolina – Auburn has came too far and ignored too many distractions up to this point to lose now.  They will be the most focused they have been all year because they know what lies ahead if they win.  The Gamecocks and Spurrier have been a nice story this year; however, I think they kind of underachieved this year.  Lattimore and Jeffery will be tough for the whole SEC to deal with next year.  Auburn will not be denied though.  War Eagle 34-23

Notable Games Around the Nation – 1-2 straight up last week; 22-10 for the season

Big 12 Championship – #9 Oklahoma vs. #13 Nebraska – I cannot figure Oklahoma out this year.  I pick them to win, and they lose.  I pick them to lose, and they win.  I like the way the Huskers defense stacks up against OU’s offense, BUT I really think the Big 12 will not allow Nebraska to win this game since they will bolting for the Big Ten after this season.  Let exhibit A be the game at Texas A&M two weeks ago when the Huskers were called for 16 penalties to the Aggies two.  Boomer Sooner 23-20

CUSA Championship – SMU @ Central Florida – Gotta give CUSA some love this week since it is their championship, but more importantly because I love the UCF team.  I have watched them play several times, and they remind me of an undersized SEC team.  They are definitely top of the class in Conference USA.  I have seen them projected to play an SEC team in some bowl projections; beware whichever SEC team the Golden Knights may play because they are no joke.  I’m going Golden Knights in this one, but I gotta give June Jones credit for the work he has done at SMU.  Some others and I used to spend many Saturday nights watching his Hawaii teams kickoff at midnight.  UCF 42-35

ACC Championship – #21 Florida State vs. #15 Virginia Tech – This is probably the game the ACC envisioned every year when they formed their twelve team conference.  Unfortunately, it has rarely turned out this way for the always mediocre conference.  The Hokies have been on a roll (as usual) since the embarrassing lose to James Madison and its ten other players on the field that day.  I feel an upset brewing in this one.  The Noles are on a roll after pimp-slapping the Gators last week.  It’s just a gut feeling, but Noles go to a BCS with a 21-17 win. 

Big East – The Big East plays several mediocre games this week to determine which mediocre team gets to go to a BCS bowl to get a big ass whoopin.  I’m gonna make it simple…UConn wins their game and wins the conference.  Okay, that will be enough Big East talk for the season.

#2 Oregon @ Oregon State – The Civil War is always one of the most entertaining games of the year, and nothing should ever surprise you in this game.  However, the Ducks have too much on the line, and the Beavers are reeling.  Ducks 45-24

If I were a bettin’ man... – 2-0 against the spread last week; 12-13 for the season

I’m one win away from being back to .500 for the season before bowl season (where I will predict every game against the spread so be sure to check back before bowl season).  That being said, I’m only going one game this week and that is to take Auburn -6 in the SEC Championship Game.  It’s money in the bank!

I enjoyed the regular season in the first year of the blog, but much more is on the way when bowl season starts.  Be sure to check back.

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