Saturday, November 27, 2010

And They Muffed It - Golden Boot Style by Joseph Michael

This week I'm going to pick on a fanbase.  Two actually, Arkansas (no surprise there and LSU).  You could argue two of the better fanbases in the SEC, if not the country and without a doubt the most passionate.  But this game just can't get the recognition it deserves as a true rivalry game.  Maybe it's because we play for a Giant Boot, which would be great if it was a rodeo and not a football game.  Maybe it's because there is a Miracle on Markham I, a Miracle on Markham II, and an upset of the Bayou Bengals when they were number one in Baton Rouge, and it seems everytime they beat us, it's either a lopsided affair or we have nothing to play for, althoug 2008 was one of the most exciting games ever.  First of all, I realize we have only been playing for less than 20 years, and I know you don't just go to the fair, put a quarter in Voltar and become a full grown rivalry like Tom Hanks did in Big.  I know he became a full grown man, but you see the correlation I hope. (By the way, the part where they play chopsticks on the giant piano at the toy store, still one of the top 5 scenes of any movie of all time).  Anyway, I went to Junior College and roomed with 3 guys from Louisiana and it was great.  I've been to Baton Rouge, and I would suggest never ever going there as a Hog fan and if you do please go incognito.  When we went, we went to an Alabama Vs. LSU game disguised as LSU fans and I cannot say what the Tiger fans did to the Bama fans; it was raunchy at best and with my hatred for Alabama, I loved every second of it.  All I know, is they have wonderful fans and their motto is kind of like Outback Steakhouse, "No Rules, Just Right" and they hate your guts if you don't say "TigerBait" a thousand times an hour.  Much like us with "Woo Pig".  Maybe it's not a true rivalry game because the national media doesn't bill it as one.  We all know that all it would take is ESPN playing "Battle of the Boot" commercials for a few weeks to make this into a step below Michigan/Ohio St., hell they won Tebow the Heisman doing that.

Another thing is neither of us have a true rival.  We as Arkansas fans would love to have a true rival, not ASU either, get over it Indian fans, it's not going to happen, you're terrible and I mean to offend people when I say this, but please tell your coach to either grow a beard or get a clean shave, the in between look just isn't working.  I understand it's the SEC so you are pretty much playing for your livelihood each and every week, but most SEC teams do have a rival.  The problem is we are too proud to call Ole Miss ours, which I think is rightfully so, plus they already have Mississippi St. and LSU is too proud to call us their rival, yet they have no one.  I guess another thing was when Arkansas joined the SEC in '92 both teams were pathetic at football, and it wasn't until Y2K that both teams started spreading their wings and living at or towards the top of the SEC West.  This game has everything to become a rivalry, maybe I just need to give it time, be patient and have faith in Tiger Fans that they will see we are a worthy opponent and should be taken serious year in and year out.  Until then, I guess we'll just have to deal with not having a rival until we are both in the Top 15 every year, and we come up with a better name than the "Battle of the Boot."  Maybe we could have Gary Busey in the intro wearing a Giant Golden Boot on each foot and introducing the game, until then this is probably where we are stuck.

For me and the rest of the TGIS crew, it's off to the Golf Course to drink some Jager and Cold Beer, hope Tennesssee becomes bowl eligible, and play a little Baggo until it's time for kickoff.  If you're into drinking games and don't actually make it to the game and go to a bar and watch it, might I suggest a drinking game?  Everytime Gary Danielson says something about the game and Verne Lundquist makes a silly noise or growls, you take a drink.  I bet you don't remember the end of the game.  Well fans, enjoy the Golf Course, the game and hopefully the Rivermarket tonight celebrating a Hog Victory and as Ernie likes to say, please keep the girl fights to a minimum...

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