Saturday, November 27, 2010

NFL Picks – Week 12 by Greg Sellers

What a boring week, a complete push across the board.  I’m sick of this, it’s time to hammer out a great week.  Here’s the thing, I have 7 picks of the week.  That’s right 7, and I’m going to go undefeated.  Oh wait, you’re telling me I already lost one?  Forget I just said undefeated, I’ll go 6-1 then.  I’m just excited for this week to start.  If you don’t care about the Bears, just skip the next paragraph.
I am going to take the time and give a shout out to my Bears.  I’m proud of them sticking together and finding a way to win week after week.  I wasn’t really convinced they were a good team but they proved me wrong.  Here’s what I’m waiting for, are they great?  The end of the season will show if they are a contender or a pretender.  They have games against Philly, Lions, Patriots, Vikes, NY Jets and MNF at Pack.  That’s a tough way to end the year.  The thing is, if you want to be the best you need to beat the best, let’s hope they can.  Their O-line has been playing better, the D has been great all year but can Cutler play consistent.  We will see.
Enough of the Bears let’s get on with the recap.
Picks of the Week = 2-2 (week 11), 17-13-2 (blog season total) Really?! Three straight pushes in a row, I’m getting sick of this.  Time to hammer it this week.
Upset Pick = I’m officially getting rid of this section.  Not really getting good results and if you like to gamble, you need to get rid of ideas that don’t work.
Quick Picks = 6-6 (week 10), 31-31-1 (blog season total) Still at .500 but I’m not losing, that’s a good thing.
Picks of the Week (in no particular order)
1.       New England Patriots (-6.5) @ Detroit Lions – It was a good start to the Thanksgiving Day.
2.       New Orleans Saints (-3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys – This is why Vegas is so frustrating, a one half point loss, that’s all it takes.
3.       Minnesota Vikings (-1.5) @ Washington Redskins – The team just quick on Childress and they will be ready to play for this game.  I am a little scared that this game was at the Viks as a one point dog and now a 1.5 favorite.  I just think this will be like when Marshmallow Phillips got canned, the team will get going again.
4.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7.5) @ Baltimore Ravens – The Bucs just keep games close.  I don’t think they have the fire power to win this game but they just play tough.  That Josh Freeman has definitely been a much better QB then I ever thought he would be.
5.       Kansas City Chiefs (-2) @ Seattle Seahawks – I realize people might be screaming at me that the Seahawks are at home and they love to play there but who came up with that?  That’s all I hear about this team.  Look at their record at home, 3-1 and break it down.  They beat two terrible teams, 49ers and Cardinals, and the Chargers at the beginning of the season when they sucked.  Their loss, a 41-7 point shellacking by the Giants.  Stop telling me they are good at home.  There is nothing there to prove that.
6.       St. Louis Rams (+3.5) @ Denver Broncos – Denver sucks, they really really suck.  I was trying to think of more to say but that’s all I need.  Let’s move on.
7.       San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts (-3) – I just believe in Manning at night at home.  I don’t know how he does it over and over again but you just can’t not pick him.  As I’ve mentioned earlier this year, I will never bet against him no matter what, it’s just stupid.
Quick Blurbs for the Rest of the Games
1.      Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets (-9.5) – Winner!
2.      Pittsburg Steelers (-6.5) @ Buffalo Bills – Steelers are just a better team and should handle them.
3.      Tennessee Titans (+6) @ Houston Texans – Houston shouldn’t be giving 6 to anyone right now.
4.      Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) @ New York Giants – Are the Giants going to fall apart down the stretch again?
5.      Carolina Panthers @ Cleveland Browns (-10) – You just can’t take a stay at home dad as a QB on the road but man this line is big for Cleveland.
6.      Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) @ Chicago Bears – Come on BEARS!!! I could care less if you prove me wrong but you should go with the hot hand of Vick if you were betting.
7.      Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons (-2) – Can’t wait to watch this game tomorrow, should be a good one.  I guess at this point you don’t go against Matty Ice at home.
8.      Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Riders (-2.5) – The Dolphins just looked bad against the Bears and Marshall is out.  The problem is, I don’t trust the Raiders right now.
9.      San Francisco 49ers (-1) @ Arizona Cardinals – Holy crap this might be the worst MNF game ever.  You can tell it’s bad when I’M picking the 9ers.  I wouldn’t touch this game with a 10 foot poll.

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