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NFL Picks – Week 11 & And They Muffed It

NFL picks by Greg

I’m back everyone.  Sorry for the short blog last week, as you can tell, my quick picks suffered greatly.  What a terrible round of picks.  Also, my picks of the week the past two weeks have been weak.  Like my good friend Scott says “a push is better than a pull” but that’s no fun.  It’s annoying to get juiced back to back weeks (for those of you that don’t know what juiced means, it’s the 10% you lose on the losing pick).  Last week I felt really good about my main picks but as you can tell, that wasn’t the case.  Let’s get on to the breakdown. 
Be sure to read And They Muffed It after the picks.
Picks of the Week = 2-2 (week 10), 15-11-2 (blog season total)  KC is starting to scare me now, I’m going to back off of them for now to see how things turn out, they just got rolled by Denver.  Also, Tampa looks legit, Lions and Rams love to cover (according to they are tied with the best record ATS, against the spread, 7-2).  Side note to that side note, pay attention to what two teams I just mentioned, the Rams and Lions.  They don’t need to be a good team to in order to make money on them, you just need to cover.
Upset Pick = loss, 2-5 (blog season total) I’m about to just scrap this portion, kind of dumb any way.  It’s not like I bet it any way.
Quick Picks = 2-8 (week 10), 25-25-1 (blog season total) *Slap* That’s me getting bitched slapped across my face.  It’s embarrassing to throw up 2-8 record even when I wasn’t completely focused.  A monkey could have thrown feces at a board with the picks and done better than me.  In fact, I’m going to name week 10 as my feces of the week.
By the time all of you see this posted, I will be well on my way to Tunica and I’m pumped.  I’ve been doing really well on NFL picks and tagging along with some of Ernie’s stuff in college.  If this is to be my year, then Tunica should be the icing on the cake (at least I hope).  I just need to play smart, pocket money while I’m winning and getting out while I’m ahead.  That’s what I’ve been doing all season with my picks and hopefully that will translate to the felt.  Wish me luck, I need it.  Hope you enjoy the blog this week and everyone has a safe and wonderful turkey day.
Picks of the Week (in no particular order)
1.       Oakland Raiders (+7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Here is a mixture of a few things.  First, for some reason Ben just doesn’t look the same since the whole dirty allegations.  Second, Pitts line is just in bad shape.  Third, the Raiders are a good team.  Fourth, the whole you can’t hit people hard I believe is really affecting the Steelers heads.
2.       Detroit Lions (+6.5) @ Dallas Cowboys – So the Cowboys go from 14 point underdogs to 6.5 point favorites in just one week.  I realize the Lions aren’t the Giants but this is stupid.  Here’s a nugget of information for you, the Cowboys are 2-7 ATS and 0-4 at home.  Here’s what I like to say “bucket”
3.       Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints (-11.5) – What did I say a few weeks ago, I need the Saints to do it twice in a row and they have.  Plus, Seahawks are a bad road team, the Saints have had two weeks to prepare and Reggie Bush is back.  This has the makings of a 31-10 game.
4.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3.5) @ San Francisco 49ers – Maybe I’m still clouded by the fact that I still feel San Francisco is terrible but if they do win this, I’ll have to finally believe they have turned the corner but until then, give me Tampa Bay all day long.
Upset of the Week
Oakland Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers – I just feel it coming.
Quick Blurbs for the Rest of the Games
1.      Chicago Bears @ Miami Dolphins (-1.5) – TNF Pick.  This is the one pick I love being wrong on.  Bear Down, Chicago Bears.  You’re the pride and joy Illinois.  BOOM!!!
2.      Washington Redskins (+7) @ Tennessee Titans –Do I really have to pick one side on this one?  Let’s put it this way, this is too many points for the Titans to give up.
3.      Baltimore Ravens (-11) @ Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are terrible and you need to see who they are starting at QB (no seriously, check it out), it’s comical.
4.      Buffalo Bills (+6) @ Cincinnati Bengals – Bengals should be giving no one more than 3 points at home
5.      Cleveland Browns (+1.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars – This line is freaky, how are the Browns pushing this game to pick ‘em.  This has Browns getting smoked written all over it.
6.      Arizona Cardinals (+9) @ KC Chiefs – Sorry Chiefs, you shouldn’t be giving any one 9 points right now.  If you do what you should, I’ll start believing again.
7.      Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings (+3) – This is Brett’s last meaningful game, that’s why I’m picking them.
8.      Houston Texans @ New York Jets (-7) – So people are constantly talking about coach’s on the hot seat but no mention of Gary Kubiak, why in the hell not???
9.      Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) @ St. Louis Rams – Here we go Falcons, show you’re a contender.  As much as I want the Rams to win this for my own future bets, this is a game you should blow a lesser team.  If you can’t take the Rams on the road, this team is a fraud.
10.  Indianapolis Colts (+4) @ New England Patriots -  Only four types of people bet on this game, an Indy fan, a Pats fan, an action junkie and/or a moron.  Both teams are solid, I’ll just take the points.
11.  New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) – Giants, do me a favor and destroy Vick.  The Bears have them next.
12.  Denver Broncos (+10) @ San Diego Chargers – The people have spoken and they think the Chargers are back.  I don’t believe so yet, this is too many points.

And They Muffed It by Joseph
      I'm just going to jump right in here this week and not mince words. There are two things bothering me, or two Conferences I should say, so here goes...

1) Big 10, Big 11, whatever you are, the conference with Ohio St. and Michigan. You know the Conference Im talking about, the one that almost always seems to backdoor into a National Title Game and get their asses kicked. Anyway, the NCAA has got to force them to have a Conference Championship Game. It is a joke that they have 3 teams in the Top 12, I mean Michigan St. is terrible. I'm sorry, there just isn't any nice way of saying it. It's not going to fix the Conference and the fact that for the most part you are slow and are still going to get your ass kicked in bowl games that you aren't facing the MAC in, but at least you won't be clogging up the BCS Rankings the whole year or at least at the end of it. Right now it looks like 2 teams are going to get to a BCS Bowl and that is sad. It's not as sad as having your best idea ever and having a game at Wrigley Field and that blowing up in your face by now having to play one way Offense. But, that's a whole different story and a whole new set of jokes that I just don't even know where to start with. Look, just take some advice from a guy who knows nothing, you got your 12th member, split the 12 up into 6 team divisions like the SEC and have a Conference Championship at the end of the year so that way it at least looks like your Conference Champion looks like they accomplished something.

2) The Big East having an Automatic Qualifier for the BCS, are you kidding me? I have no doubt that somewhere along the way the Big East was a good Conference somewhere in the history of College Football, in fact I remember it. You had Miami when they were awesome. But now your best team is Pittsburgh? Thats awful, the Big East doesnt even have a team sniffing the Top 25. Look, the Big East getting an automatic bid to a BCS game is like Florida offering Peter Tebow a coaching position because of what Tim did. So what happens if we get a BCS game of TCU vs. Pittsburgh??? I'd rather sit front row of Blue Collar Comedy Tour 2 then watch that Bowl game.

Lastly, this isn't bothering me, but this guy definitely muffed it and I know I'm not the only Houston Nutt Hater out there, so if you get time, watch this., it's Houston Dale's Press Conference from this week. At some point, he actually claims that Michael Oher was a 6th Round Pick when they got there, only problem with that was he was projected as a 1st Round Pick and came back to help the new coach because his family loved Ole Miss so much. Only to get thrown under the bus a few years later. Houston, glad to see you are still the master of excuses. Sorry Ole Miss fans, but Arkansas fans tried to warn you, you just wouldn't listen. Mission Accomplished, Program torn down in a record breaking 3 years.

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  1. I really need to come to this site a lot more next NFL season. I struggled a lot with my bets because who would have figured that the 49ers would have been good?! And what about the Tebow factor? That killed my best a lot and it was not very fun. I did a lot of halftime betting though and that was fun.