Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week Twelve – The Calm Before the Rivalry Week Storm

Not a lot of great ones this week as everyone is gearing up for the all important final week of the season where most teams play their rivals.  If you have some time on your hands, read the following post from an LSU message board for a full conspiracy theory of events regarding Auburn and Cam Newton.  It is a great read, and someone has way too much time on their hands with all the facts (or fiction) throughout the post.  I have to say that none of it is too far fetched in my opinion though.

SEC Games – 6-1 straight up last week; 68-14 for the season.  Just for the record, I am beating ESPN SEC blogger Chris Low by two games on the season.

Georgia State @ #11 Alabama – Don’t feel sorry for Alabama because six SEC teams have had bye weeks before they have played the Crimson Tide.  The Tide are essentially having its second bye week of the season by playing a football team in its first year of existence this week.  I’m sure Saban spent maybe 15 minutes getting the troops ready for GSU, while the rest of the week they were preparing for Auburn next week.  Bama 53-3

#13 Arkansas @ #21 Mississippi State – Beware Razorbacks.  Don’t get caught looking ahead this week to your potential top 10, BCS play-in game next week in Little Rock against LSU.  The Bulldogs were flattened last week at Bama and have since been forgotten about by everyone, but they have had a good year that has exceeded most expectations.  The Hogs are flying high into Stark-vegas with a balanced offense since Knile Davis has taken over the majority of carries at running back.  The Hogs have all of the opportunity in the world before them right now, which is typically the time that they screw things up over the last few years.  They better take the Bulldogs seriously because they will be jacked up in the first game at home since the death of a teammate.  I like the Hogs here, but it will be a battle.  At this point, it is all about surviving and moving on.  Hogs 31-27

Tennessee @ Vanderbilt – See “If I were a bettin’ man…” segment below

In the SEC games that I have no interest in watching this weekend, give me South Carolina over Troy (by the way, congratulations Gamecocks for fielding the worst SEC East champ ever this year), Florida over the inbreds from Appalachia, and LSU over Ole Miss (did everyone catch HDN’s press conference on Monday).

Notable Games Around the Nation – 1-0 straight up last week; 19-6 for the season

#8 Nebraska @ #19 Texas A&M – See “If I were a bettin’ man…” segment below

#16 Virginia Tech @ #24 Miami – The Hokies are doing what they do every year.  Choke at some point during the season and everyone ignores them.  Then they run off several wins in a row and everyone humors them and talks about how they are back.  Whatever…they were irrelevant the moment they choked away the first game of the season to Boise and then followed it up with a loss to James Madison the next week.  Miami will not have Jacory Harris this game (as of Thursday).  So I’m gonna go ahead and say the Hokies are great and they deserve a BCS bowl because that is what we say every year about them until they prove us wrong once again.  Hokies 28-21

#9 Ohio State @ #20 Iowa – Everything I just said about Virginia Tech – ditto for the Buckeyes.  At least the Terrelle Pryor for Heisman talk ended after they lost to Wisconsin.  All the whiteys in Iowa were upset when the Hawkeyes lost to Nortwestern last week ending their outside chance at a Rose Bowl berth.  I got a feeling Iowa gets up for this game and pulls the UPSET here.  Iowa 23-17

Illinois vs. Northwestern @ Wrigley Field – I decided to throw this one in because I love the concept.  The people at Wrigley decided that it wasn’t enough to have a loser play in the Friendly Confines all summer long so they decided to bring in two loser college football programs to continue the loser theme well into late autumn.  Seriously though, this will be a cool event, and I would love to be there.  Northwestern’s QB is out, so I am taking Ron Zook because he allegedly eats packets of sugar as a snack.  Illinois 24-22    

If I were a bettin’ man... – 0-1 against the spread last week; 9-12 for the season

Tennessee (-8.5) @ Vanderbilt – I told myself at the beginning of the season that I would never put more pressure on my beloved Vols by saying place a bet on them.  However, considering my recent string of losing weeks in this segment and my renewed sense of hope for the team as a whole has made me change my mind.  The Vols offense has been rolling the last two weeks since freshman QB Tyler Bray took over.  Yes, it has been against bad competition, but what exactly would you call Vandy then?  It is at Nashville, but Vol fans invade Vandy’s home field like no other and it is typically 75-25% Vol fans.  Vandy has been so bad this year, and Tennessee is playing with a lot of confidence.  I expect them to win by 14-17.

#8 Nebraska (-2.5) @ #19 Texas A&M – Don’t be alarmed Aggie fans!  That number in front of your name means that there are (allegedly) only 18 teams in the nation that are better than you (highest ranking since week one of 2005).  I know you think you have transformed into a good football team all of a sudden since you started playing your backup QB.  However, I still think you aren’t ready for the big time on a consistent basis (you did prove me wrong against Oklahoma two weeks ago…I’ll give you that one).  Taylor Martinez should be back to full speed, and the Huskers defense will lock down the Aggies offense.  The Aggies defense will struggle with the Huskers run game.  I like the Huskers in this one by 7-10 points.

And They Muffed Joseph Michael -

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